Problem & Solution


A lot of companies create a name for their product or service in one country, but they rarely assess the risk of miscommunication during the “export” of this name to the foreign market. When company attempts to communicate with people who do not speak English – and who have different ideas, attitudes, assumptions, perception and ways of doing things – chances for miscommunication increase enormously.


Brands&Lands is a unique platform where local branding agencies can help each other to solve international tasks: check name, logo and other brand identity to fit the foreign market. Working with peers, any agency can be sure that brand identity which was created is suitable for foreign market. What must be checked before using a brand in a foreing market.

What should be checked?

  • meaning of a brand name;
  • colours and symbols of a logo;
  • cultural aspects of an advertising;
  • coincidence with another brand in the market in a different category;
  • legal issues